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Build a workforce ready to achieve anything. Experience a straightforward HR journey with Zenyo Workforce, suitable for both HR professionals and employees.

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Get more done, less time on payroll. An adaptable payroll system that grows with your business, accommodating changes in staff size and company.

Through the Lens of Time

Our Past

Zenyo wasn't born in a boardroom. It started as a spark, a personal workforce software designed to manage our own workforce. Sometime later, we took the same user-centric approach, the same relentless focus on making things better, and applied it to the world of payroll.

Our Present

We built Zenyo for ourselves, but we knew it wouldn't stop there. Zenyo is for every company, every team, and every person who wants to spend less time wrestling with software and more time doing what they do best. That's why we integrated the payroll with the workforce to provide you with a smooth HR experience.

Our Future

Our vision is to lead the HR & payroll software industry by providing solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also intuitive and accessible. We believe in empowering businesses globally through meticulous payroll and workforce management.

Why should HR choose Zenyo?

Time management

Time Management

Unburden yourself from time management issues

Experience the freedom of effortless timesheet and absence management. Give your team easy access to their timesheets and leave requests.

Project management

Project Management

Watch your productivity bloom with project management

Master client and vendor projects, ensure data accuracy and nurture your team's productivity, promoting sustainable advancement through careful direction.

Loans and advances

Loan and Advances

Faster recovery of employee loans and advances

Monitor repayments and ensure financial clarity. Expedite loan recovery through precise tracking and automated deductions from employees.

Payroll calculations

Payroll Calculation

Handle salary and tax calculations with graceful precision

Zenyo automates everything, handling salary and tax calculations precisely, irrespective of size, type, or regulatory requirements.


Zenyo operates with a high degree of automation, eliminating hours wasted on tedious data settlement. Workforce-payroll integration takes the stress out of managing your people and their paychecks.


Risk-free approvals

Our multi-layered approval system puts you firmly in control, minimising risk and maximising efficiency. Breathe easy, knowing that every leave request, invoice, and expense claim goes through the right channels with the right approvals every single time.

Risk Free Approvals

Quicker Reimbursements

Make it easy for your employees to get their expense reimbursements. This helps your company stay financially strong and organised.

Quicker Reimbursements

Track Expenses Globally

You can ensure that employees can accurately claim and get reimbursed effortlessly, no matter where their work takes them. The process is even more user-friendly while keeping everyone accountable.

Track Expenses Globally

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